Did you have a Milanese mesh loop for your Smart Watch? If you have none, pick one; if you guys have one, but find that the magnetic is not strong enough or it will die off in a short time, then i would like to recommend Penom Milanese loop to you.

Why we worth your trust?

  1. Strong magnetic clasp:

We collect critical reviews from customer and we spend a long time to study how to solve these problem. Of course, we make it and make a big improvement on magnetic week issue at last. Now Penom Milanese loop is fully magnetic, which make it convenient for you to adjust the size. It is a completely nice safeguard for your luxury Smart Watch. It ensures your watch in steady and secure, no problem for most sports.

  1. What’s more, Top stainless steel make you more comfortable and reduce burden on your hand(It’s much lighter both in the hand and on the wrist than the Watch.) In a word, Penom Milanese loop is beautiful, smooth, stainless steel mesh that wraps around your wrist in a continuous, adjustable loop. Plus, it looks pretty great with most of the Watch’s bands. So it’s hard not to love the Watch’s steel casing — it’s beautiful from behind glass, and looks even better in person, especially when compared to the Sport.

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