Since the rapid development of smart phones, Apple and Android these two camps have become the two eldest brother. IOS has an excellent user experience and a huge App store while Android contains and support many phones. But I wonder if you have ever think what proportions of people in different countries in the world use this two systems.

Recently, one Research Agency in Japan investigated and surveyed over 40 countries and found that in developed countries, iphone usage rate is higher than Android, while in undeveloped countries, Android usage is higher than Iphone. IOS in Japan accounting for 68.9% is the number one in the world while Android in Japan only accounts for 30.1%. IOS in America has a proportion of 54.0%, which is higher 8% than Android. ISO in Taiwan reaches 30.9% and Android is over twice. ISO in China accounts for 24.7% while Android accounts for 74.4%. From this group of data and conclusion given by the Research Agency, We can find that the country is more developed, iphone usage rate is higher.

But some people think there are still some exceptions. For instance, Android usage percentage in Korea higher than iphone may be the result of supporting domestic product. Besides that, the population of each country is very different, so lateral comparison directly is less rigorous.

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主要内容:IOS 和安卓系统在不同经济国家的使用比例