Amazon refreshed its most popular Fire tablets, launching updated versions of the Fire 7 and HD 8. Both devices can be preordered now, with shipping starting in early June. Much concerns about its detailed features began to arouse.

1.what exactly differences between the new 7th gen Fire 7 and the 5th gen Fire 7?

1) 7th gen is 0.1mm taller, 1mm thinner, and 18 grams lighter than the 5th gen.

2) 7th gen has better graphics chip.

3) 7th gen has dual-band wifi (2.4ghz & 5ghz)

4) 7th gen is compatible with micro sd cards up to 256gb.

5) 7th gen has better battery life.

  • Alexa is a great change of Kindle. So what is Alexa?

 “Alexa” is a voice assistant on Amazon digital devices, like the Fire tablet. Using Alexa, instead of typing, you can ask her, by speaking, “what is the weather”; “what is the time”; “Read my audio book (and the last open audiobook will play); We can tell Alexa, “Launch facebook” and our facebook will open. We can ask her “wikipedia, oak tree” and she will tell us what an oak tree is. And much much more.

  1. Amazon business shop sell All new fire 7 with special offer.

Special Offers are ads on the lockscreen, generally based on Amazon browsing history. Sometimes they are special deals, sometimes just bring your attention to something Amazon might like. You can remove these if you don’t like them by either purchasing the “without special offers” tablet, or by going to amazon account later on and unsubscribing from them, for which Amazon will be charged $15 on their one-click payment method.

4.Many customers are concerned about internet service of All New Fire 7

First you need a wifi connection to register and set up the tablet, and to download and install apps and games; to download music, books, movies and other content. You also need wifi for email, social media, web-surfing. Once it is set up, you can use the tablet and any downloaded content from anywhere.

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